“Love Is War” di Reuben Vincent e’ fuori

Esce oggi per Jamla/Roc Nation “Love Is War”, l’album di debutto di Reuben Vincent. Un progetto denso, adulto, realizzato con il contributo di 9th Wonder, Young Guru e The Soul Council, oltre a produzioni proprie, secondo un taglio che potremmo definire modernamente boom bap. I worked on “Love Is War” for two years – racconta l’artista. Conceptually, it is an acknowledgment that as young black men, I feel like we aren’t taught and given the tools of how to love properly. We don’t know how to love our people, our women, our brothers; and most importantly ourselves. When you don’t know how to love yourself, you can’t love others the right way, “Love Is War” addresses that. These last two years I’ve learned a lot about myself, but I still have much to learn. My goal is to love myself properly and that comes with exploration. That is why I titled the album “Love Is War”, because it is a constant battle to get to that center in your life. L’album ospita Rapsody, Reason, Domani e Stacey Barthe.