“The Mind Of A Saint” e’ il nuovo disco di Skyzoo e The Other Guys

Tra i progetti che stanno aprendo il 2023, ecco anche “The Mind Of A Saint” di Skyzoo! L’mc di Brooklyn descrive così l’album: when making this album, I wanted to do something that creatively pushed a button. Something that served a purpose, while trying to understand both sides of the fence that it represents. The idea of a fictional character, Franklin Saint (personaggio della serie TV “Snowfall”), and what his innermost thoughts could be when dealing with the worlds he’s caught in between. What makes it so intriguing is that his character and his world are mirrors of a time and era that really happened. The birth of one of the world’s most addictive drugs and how its ripple effect took on a life that may seemingly never die… Occorreva dunque un degno accompagnamento musicale, meglio se cinematico, di fatto trovato nel duo The Other Guys. “The Mind Of A Saint” è fuori per First Generation Rich/HiPNOTT Records, accompagnato dal video di “Straight Drop”.


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