Red Pill feat. P.O.S. – Fuck Your Ambition

RedPillInstinctiveDrowningThe American Dream is one of the most dangerous ideologies our country has created. It assumes that if you’re smart enough and work hard enough, anyone can climb the socioeconomic ladder. It neglects the reality that many in our country and in our world begin their lives with a socioeconomic head-start; be it race, sex, money… The privileged and advantaged can’t help but shove their hard-work and can-do attitude in our faces, masquerading their lottery style births as some kind of ambition that the rest of us don’t have. Fuck your ambition. We don’t love it and don’t believe it. Così l’mc di Detroit Red Pill – da un paio di settimane con gli Ugly Heroes in “Everything In Between” – presenta “Fuck Your Ambition”, il suo nuovo singolo (in collaborazione con P.O.S.) che anticipa l’uscita di “Instinctive Drowning”, fuori il prossimo 28 agosto e interamente prodotto da Ill Poetic.

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