“General Admission” e’ il nuovo EP di Reuben Vincent

Prosegue il percorso di crescita di Reuben Vincent, che pubblica l’EP “General Admission” per Jamla Records/Roc Nation. Il rapper ventitreenne si misura con l’introspezione e i primi bilanci della vita, esplorando i traumi e i trionfi della propria generazione, il successo, i problemi e la crescita. The reason behind the title “General Admission” – racconta – is, since building up my brand identity, when I go out a lot of people call me Third World General, when they see me, which lead me to play off General Admission; with admission meaning ticket, but also a statement of acknowledging the truth of something. With the EP, my goal was to capture my mental state. With this career of mine, I have the premonition that I am going to break generational curses – and bring generational wealth. Though that’s the underlying tone of these songs, on the surface, it’s aggressive; ambitious, and assertive; and 75% high-energy records. I speak on my city, my upbringing, family ties, my cousins, beating depression and generational wealth.