Your Old Droog pubblica “Jewelry”

Non pago di un’annata che l’ha già visto protagonista di “It Wasn’t Even Close” e “Transportation“, usciti in rapida sequenza tra aprile e giugno, Your Old Droog fa il tris e pubblica “Jewelry”, giusto in tempo per le festività ebraiche del Chanukah. Non a caso, nell’album Y.O.D. fa per la prima volta riferimento alle proprie origini, esplicitate anche nei due video appena rilasciati – “Jew Tang” e “BDE”. Il progetto ricorre a buona parte dei collaboratori storici del rapper, da MF DOOM a Mach-Hommy, passando per Quelle Chris, Edan e Tha God Fahim, confermando un gusto musicale che i suoi fan conoscono benissimo. Racconta il protagonista: in the early years of my career I sometimes shared the story of my immigration to the U.S., from the Ukraine, in time for kindergarten. At that age I was already aware that I was not really ukrainian as the natives confidently classified…maybe because in the Ukraine, my family and I were simply identified as jews, or any of the number of unfriendly terms that jewish people were, and often still are, called. So as far back as I can remember, I was never taught to hide that I was a jew, this reflex habit developed so early that it seems like a natural born instinct. An instinct which was still required in considerable magnitude when we moved here to another environment that doesn’t exactly embrace jews. Well, I’m no longer going to diminish my heritage for your comfort, some people hate simply for the sake of hating, let them crumble under the weight of that burden…we will celebrate light and life…I’m a jew in America. This is my story. Shalom. Buon ascolto.